Cave Dragon

Category: Fantasy

The Cave Dragon is a flightless treasure hoarder that lives in deep dark caves devoid of all light.

Cave Dragon

Cave Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco spelunca


Cave Dragons have rock-like skin that helps them blend into their cave habitat. They have wings, but these are vestigial and they are not capable of flight. They are large, even for dragons, and their eyes have adapted to be able to see in the deep caverns where no light can penetrate.


Long ago, dragons began branching out and exploring different parts of the world and adapting to their habitats. The Cave Dragons delved deep into the underground chambers of the world, in search of ancient treasues. They grew to immense sizes and their skin became rocky to protect them from the jagged cavern walls and to help them conceal themselves among the rocks. Many explorers do not even realize they've encountered a Cave Dragon until they are standing upon them. If the dragon is asleep at the time, the spelunker may be lucky enough to escape alive and tell the tale.

Present Status

Rarely encountered due to their remote habitats, it is not known how many Cave Dragons there are. However, as they are ferociously protective of their treasure hoards, it is thought that they are fiercely territorial. Thus, Cave Dragons may be responsible for keeping their own numbers in check.