Bernie the Gator

Category: Wildlife

Bernie the gator is the official mascot and spokesgator of Safari Ltd®. He travels the world educating people about nature, conservation, and his Toys That Teach®.

Bernie the Gator

Bernie the Gator

Scientific & Common Names

Kingdom - Animalia

Phylum - Chordata

Class - Reptilia

Order – Crocodilia

Family – Alligatoridae

Genus - Alligator

Species – A. mississippiensis

Common Name – Bernie the Gator


Bernie, as an alligator, features all the usual traits of his species, including a scaly hide, a long tail, a pointed snout and four clawed feet. However, you can always tell Bernie apart from his brethren by his bright eyes and winning smile!


Bernie spends his days championing causes to protect his animal friends, and serving as the mascot of Safari Ltd®. Bernie is focused on conservation, preserving our endangered animals and sustaining our planet.


Bernie was born in Elberfeld, Germany in 1921. He traveled to America, landing first in New York City, where he learned how to handle life in the Big Apple. From there, he traveled to Florida, making his home in the swamplands that many other alligators call home. It was here that he learned from his new friends about the threats facing so many animals, and he became devoted to conserving all creatures. Bernie would return to Germany, where he met the female gator who would become his wife, Rosemarie. Together they would travel the world before settling back in south Florida to raise a family of gators. As his family grew, he and Rosemarie resumed their travels and learned more about conservation, eventually developing the idea that would turn into Safari Ltd®. Their goal was to create Toys That Teach® to educate children and adults alike about the wonderful animals of the world through the joy of play.

Present Status

Bernie continues to represent Safari Ltd® as its mascot, and appears on its logo to remind everyone of the company’s goal: to educate people about the natural world around us. As an alligator, Bernie serves as a symbol of Safari Ltd®’s Florida headquarters, as well as a reminder of one of conservation’s greatest comeback stories.