Category: Fantasy

The Behemoth is an ancient beast of enormous strength that stalked the land. Its counterpart in the sea was known as Leviathan, and in the air was called Ziz.




Behemoth is described in the Bible as being an immensely powerful beast that could drink up an entire river, with bones as strong as iron bars and a tail as thick as a tree trunk. It is said to be so large that no human can capture it.

Though some believe the description of the Behemoth can be applied to a living creature, such as a rhinoceros, hippopotamus, water buffalo or elephant, others believe it possibly refers to a sauropod dinosaur, such as Apatosaurus. Still others believe that the Behemoth is its own specific monstrous animal.

In modern times, the term "behemoth" is used to describe any thing of immense size and power.