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Known for their signature howls and big personalities, beagles are one of the most popular breeds of domesticated dog. With even and gentle temperaments, beagles are fantastic pets for many different kinds of families!



Scientific & Common Names

Like all domestic dogs, the beagle is scientifically known as "Canis lupus familiaris." Today's beagle is bred from several hounds, including the Southern Hound, Harrier, Talbot Hound and North Country Beagle.


Beagles are small, brown-eyed hound dogs with large, soft ears. Their necks are long enough to be able to put their nose to the ground in order to pick up scents. The tri-color variation is the most popular beagle, with a brown upper body, a white underside, and a black "saddle" on its back.


The American and England styles of beagle are similar, but mainly feature different size standards. Beagles are commonly interbred with other dog breeds to create "designer dogs", such as the Puggle (pug + beagle).


Beagles are scent hounds with a keen sense of smell. They are curious and friendly dogs who approach situations a singular determination. They are intelligent and good with children and people in general. They tend to howl, although they also bark.


Although beagles were originally bred for hunting, their pleasant and intelligent dispositions make them exceptional at other roles, including police work, pet therapy, or just as loving family pets. They can even detect bug infestations with their keen sense of smell! Take home this cuddly canine today, but make sure you have plenty of food and a comfy bed for it to sleep on! Beagle-like breeds have existed for over two thousand years.

Present Status

Strangely, beagles are more popular in North America than they are in their native land of England. They have consistently ranked among the top ten most popular dog breeds in the United States and Canada.