Alien Dragon

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Alien Dragon

Alien Dragon

Scientific Name

Draco xenorthoptera


Unlike other dragons that are covered in scales, the Alien Dragon is covered by a segmented, insect-like exoskeleton that protects it from harm. As it is wingless, it cannot fly. However, it possesses very powerful back legs that it can use to jump a considerable distance.


No one really knows where the Alien Dragon originally came from, but there are many legends. One legend tells of a mysterious object crashing into a hillside with a thunderous sound that shook the ground for miles in every direction, leaving a smoking crater hundreds of feet deep. It is said that from this cavernous hole emerged the Alien Dragon, a monster unlike any dragon ever seen before. While this tale supports the theory of this creature’s extra-terrestrial origins, it is also possible that the dragon may have crashed down from a great height after a particularly long leap.

It’s worth noting that the Alien Dragon shares many of its traits with insects, including legs resembling those of a grasshopper, and forelegs similar to a praying mantis that can deliver a lightning quick blow. Because of this, there are some theories that this creature may be some sort of dragon/insect hybrid.

Present Status

Only a single Alien Dragon is known, but there may be more traveling through the starry skies in unknown spacecrafts. Many witnesses to sudden nighttime disappearances report glowing red eyes in the distance, which may indicate that these missing folks were abducted by Alien Dragons for purposes as yet unknown.